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  • I live in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • My occupation is Performing dark rituals (and being a wikia editor)
  • I am Why does ya gots to care, stranga?
  • SqueakMouseTheBootleg

    Name: Survivor

      Creator: SqueakMouseTheBootleg

    Character Unlock: Reach the IDPD HQ.

    Health: 8

    Appearance: A humanoid figure wearing an orange raincoat, faded blue jeans, a gas mask, and black combat boots

    B-Skin: The gas mask is removed, revealing 9 glowing yellow eyes, and the raincoat and jeans look more beat up. 

    B-Skin unlock: Kill an Elite IDPD agent.

    Voice: A bit like Rebel's voice but distinctly male

    Starting weapon: Hunting Rifle (It looks like the bandit rifle but with a scope, deals 8 damage per shot and fires as fast as a wrench swings)

    History: After escaping from an I.D.P.D. raid gone wrong (leading to his home being destroyed by bombs), Survivor took up a life of living off of the land. All those years alone in the mountains did someth…

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