• GreyFang82

    To understand why I use the measurements I do, please look at my original post

    So I was bored and decided to do more of height measurements for fun.

    Now the heights for the bosses I did a little differently.

    For Big Bandit there's nothing I changed he is what he was in game, but for big dog and lil hunter I removed the pole from big dog (it's more of an add-on in my opinion) and lil hunter's backpack as they make them taller than they should be.

    Also for comparison I left Rouge, (the person who's height scales everyone else's) Y.V., (The tallest playable mutant) and Robot (the smallest playable character)

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  • GreyFang82

    Heyo! So I did some math for some fun (I know, doing math for fun! what am I a nerd?) and I decided to measure out how tall all of the characters in Nuclear Throne are. But to do that I needed a base comparison so I decided to pick the only "normal" person in the group and that is Rouge. Rouge is a (more or less) normal human and if that is true then I can use her to find out everyone else's height in game. Now according to this website: the average (American) women's height who are over 20 is about 63.8 inches. (now I know that I am assuming things like where she was born and how old she is but still, this is just for fun) Now if I take that height and spread it out to each of her pix…

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