aka Hunter

  • I live in Vancouver Island in Canada
  • I was born on March 12
  • My occupation is Prostitution
  • I am A guy, I think. I mean, last time i checked...
  • DarkTree3

    basically, i'm gonna compile a bunch of random character ideas that i've thought of here. i semi-attempt to put balancing and effort into this stuff, but if you ahve any major/minor tweaks/suggestions, let me know.

    Div.Ide: large mech based off of character from overwatch, has a couple of different abilities

    Defense Matrix: active ability, for the cost of 20% of a random ammo reserve (including ones that you're not using) you can destroy most projectiles in front of you at a reverse-cone state (has some reach behind and to the sides of you near you, but then goes into a point after about 5-6 tiles), it destroys most projectiles almost immediately (it becomes more effective the closer a projectile is to you, if you use it while a bullet is ri…

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