Captain Lanius

aka None OfYour Concern

  • I live in Illinois, Merica
  • I was born on January 9
  • My occupation is Federation captain who part-times as a medieval commander
  • I am Male
  • Captain Lanius

    IDPD stories

    November 2, 2014 by Captain Lanius

    Stories of the InterDimensional Police Department or IDPD

    This was my first mission of stopping a mutant reach a point where it/she/he could come to our dimension and go to another. I usually only was deployed for missions where the mutant was accidentally going through portals to other dimensions. It may not sound so bad, but the problem is that the mutant has to kill everyone in the dimension to do it. That was a problem for us, for we were in a dimension that was not affected by the apocalypse, and we wanted to keep it that way. Guarding our dimension would not work, for the mutants could portal in from anywhere, like places where there were no guards, and when they did they would cause havoc and many deaths before our forces coul… Read more >