basically any weapon that sounds cool,no need to talk about balancing

frag cannon:the flame version

super frag cannon: ditto

Bouncing laser and plasma weapons

toxic spray: a flamethrower but more damage and uses toxic particles

super cluster laucher: like the super flak cannon but with the cluster-nades

auto launcher:automatic and fast shooting regular grenade launcher

splinter minigun: automatic splinter gun

magnet launcher: a grenade launcher that attracts enemies and pickups towards itself

modify grenades so that they can arc over walls

super shotgun: a quintuple shotgun with 4* reload and ammo

auto flak cannon:a super fast and automatic flak cannon

shot channon:shoots a spread of flak shots with a long reload and 4 shells per shot

change to double shotgun/flame double:shoots same amount of shells as regular shotgun, but every second shot has zero reload

mine launcher: shoots a mine that slowly moves towardstargets and bounces off walls

homing rocket launcher: fast higher homing to mouse and slightly slower than a bazooka rocket

auto lightning shotgun

black hole launcher: shoots a grenade that pulls enemies in like telekinesis, then after 3-4 seconds explodes with tons of impact velocity(corpse damage)

toxic cannon: shoots ballmum shots

shot rifle: shoots three bursts of shells

grenade machinegun: shoots small grenades at the rate of a machine gun

robo construct: creates small suicide robots like the exploding freak

barricade: throws a barricade that can soak up alot of damage

hyper crossbow: Bolt is extremely fast, can pass through enemies even if they're not killed by it and explodes when it hits a wall.

tele-launcher: warps grenade to  the mouse pointer.

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