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Pre-E3 Nuclear Throne Trailer01:14

Pre-E3 Nuclear Throne Trailer


Trashtalk is the language spoken by the mutants in Nuclear Throne.

Trashtalk is being developed by Joonas Turner, who also does the voice acting in the game for all of the characters except for Yung Venuz (Doseone ), Rogue (Danielle McRaven), Frog (Jukio Kallio), Rebel, and the Female I.D.P.D. (Isa And aka Chisaleya). Joonas also mentioned in a livestream that he will release more information and language details in the future.

Paul Veer confirmed that Trashtalk has no written variant. JW revealed that Bandits speak a simplified dialect of Trashtalk. 

In the PAX East Trailer for Nuclear Throne the narration is done in Trashtalk, which is subtitled. using this the following observations can be made.

Trashtalk  English
RHAÄVE'SHO Our lives are hard
FLÄÖWEN Still, we try
FLSTH'KHUN Will it always be this way?
KHUNORI Something needs to change
KHUNÄÖFAAI We know it can change
FLÄÖI We have to try
KHA... We have to reach..
FLÄISUM The Nuclear Throne
FLÄSHYN Let's do this!

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