Mods are modifications to the base game, ranging from balance changes and additions of content to full rehauls and tools to help other people modify the game. A depository of most mods can be found Here.

Note that most mods are made with Update 19, as that is the last update to be made with Game Maker 8.1, a version which allowed for modification of the files.

Mod List Edit

The following is a list of modifications to the game in order of most rated to least rated with links to the Throne Butt website in which downloads and more information can be found.

Nuclear Throne Together Edit

"Nuclear Throne Together is an experimental mod for Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne, improving multiplayer-related aspects of the game, and, most notably, adding Steam-based online multiplayer support.

See the included text document for instructions and all other things that matter.​"

Nuclear Throne Ultra Edit

"This mod adds new characters, mutations, weapons, weapon mods, areas, bosses, gamemodes etc. It also adds an alternative area for all areas and a whole new set of unlockables."

Nuclear Throne Community Remix Edit

"Nuclear Throne: Community Remix is a mod for the game Nuclear Throne that adds tons of new and exciting changes to the game, including:

Over 50 new weapons. 9 new mutations. Altar of Luck. New chest for the new weapons! 3 new characters. New ammo type. A buncha imported sprites from the current game. Lots of balancing. ...with most new additions coming from community suggestions!"

Nuclear Throne Chaos Mod Edit

"Nuclear Throne Chaos Mod is a mod that introduces all kinds of new stuff to the game. It's a mod I've been working on for a few months now and I think it's finally in a decent place for a first release. Bear in mind that this is by no means the final version of the mod, though I'm not sure how often I'm going to update it. Comes with a README file with install instructions."

Custom Throne Edit

"A modding toolset that lets you create levels, weapons, characters, enemies, mutations and more, running on a heavily updated u19 engine."

​​Custom Throne ModsEdit

Cosmi ModEdit


Two new areas

Four brand new characters (one doesn't use original mechanics though)Edit

Seed Tool for Windows Edit

"Apply your own seed!"

Full Color Mutations (FCM) Edit

"This is the FCM mod. basically, the HUD icons for mutations are pretty much grayscale. This mod essentially changes all of those to be in full colour and look overall better."

Hells Gate - a Wasteland-Kings Mod Edit

"Welcome to Hells Gate!

This is a very early access and small little mod made by one dude, me, for the original Mojam game-jam back in 2013. Because of the primitive base this mod is jumping up from it will seem a little basic but I promise in time this will become something new in of its own.

Currently the game has a few new features from the Wasteland Kings prototype. Including a replacement for the 3 old areas (Desert,Sewers and Scrapyard) called Labs, Old Labs and Purgatory which have some new enemies in them. We also have 7 new mutations which feature all new icons/art for you to enjoy. There's also a host of new weapons with 3 new kinds of shot called Bouncer (re-added to the game) Nail (low damage high piercing shots) and thin melee which is found in the elusive Power Hatchet weapon. Not only that but there's a new ammo type known as Hellfire which has charging shots that create an enemy-damaging explosion upon contact.

There's also the main change in the game, the new characters. As of Update 5 only one original wasteland kings character remains (Melting) with 5 new characters added to the roster. There characters are Commando (who receives more ammo and can dash), Crawler (who's both fast and able to teleport), Dammed (a weaker character who does more damage and can shoot a massively powerful shot) and well as Freak (who creates gas) and Flesh (who has more health/health drops and can create enemy-blocking walls).

Obviously due to the primitive nature of both the mod and the build of Nuclear Throne it was based on bugs will occur. So if you encounter a bug either post on one of the reddit threads found on either /r/NuclearThrone or /r/ntmods or notify me in the comment thread. While I do try to release weekly my limited skills will mean that weekly updates are something I can't promise.

Con you reach the gates of Hell? (No, that's not implemented yet)"

Playable Hostile Horror Edit

"I changed Horror's A skin into the Horror that spawns when you miss 2 rad canisters in a row. Portraits aren't changed, just the playable sprites. Instructions on how to install are in the zip folder that you'll download."

Nuclear Throne 2.0 Mod Beta (1.5) Edit

"The mod contains: (Currently) 1 finished area and 1 unfinished area. AI enhancements. 2 new IDPD members. Over 100 new weapons. 4 new characters. Ultra mutations and 15 other mutations. More B-Skins. Improved Little Hunter boss fight. Changed loops. WIP Ultra Weapons! (Don't yet cost rads) WIP Hard Mode, toggleable in the options menu. New Weapon Type: FLAME Two new chests: Blessed and Randomizers A new weapon modifier, Blessed. Blessed weapons fire 33% faster. Status effects: Poison and Freeze!"

The Headless Rogue Mod (THR) Edit

""F**king hate rogue with a burning passion? Well, don't worry! Now, at a low low price of 5 shipments of a loan of a paycheck of $69.99, you can make rogue headless! You heard me right, you potato salad, with this mod, rogue is only a backpack, mask, and legs! Buy now and also get 3 teeth as a bonus!""

IDPD Melee Mod Edit

"Are you jealous of elite inspectors and their cool sword? Don't worry! With this mod, you not only have that, but also have the power to use the IDPD screwdriver and IDPD hammer! Try today!"

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