"Now we are playing with butts"

Joonas Turner has a wide range of experience in indie game audio, and his frequent attendance at game jams in the Nordic region has ensured that his experience ranges from quirky indie titles as Crayon Physics to the atmospheric Steam release of The Swapper. Joonas might be best known for using his somber and evocative audio work to bring to life the forests of 2013 iOS hit Badland, which won an Apple Design Award together with Vlambeers 2013 iOS game Ridiculous Fishing. Although Rami and Jan Willem have both worked with Joonas before separately, Nuclear Throne marks the first cooperation between the Finn and the team at Vlambeer.

Fun Fact: Joonas and Jukio Kallio are neighbours!

Joonas Turner The Sfx Genius07:02

Joonas Turner The Sfx Genius

From the launch livestream of update #10:

  • Rami Ismail: "Do you want to play our game?"
  • Joonas: "No!"

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