Jan Willem Nijman is an independent game designer. You might know him as JW or jwaap. Currently the director of Nuclear Throne, 50% of the Dutch video game studio Vlambeer.

Jan Willem Nijman always wanted to be an inventor. After he found out inventors don't make 200 feet high combat robots in their garage, he instead found himself in a community of people that make games in a few hours. He made hundreds of games, but most of them didn't do justice to their concepts so he started focusing on quality over quantity. To do so, Jan Willem enrolled in a game design school. After finding out most of that didn't do justice to that concept either, he decided to team up with Rami Ismail and start Vlambeer. Within Vlambeer, Jan Willem focuses on game design.

Jan Willem Nijman - Vlambeer - "The art of screenshake"44:10

Jan Willem Nijman - Vlambeer - "The art of screenshake"

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