I.D.P.D. Freaks are mutated I.D.P.D. units that appear during loop 3 after the Campfire area. They replace regular and Elite I.D.P.D. troops. I.D.P.D. Vans will unload I.D.P.D. Freaks on loop 3 and instantly explode after that. They will also continuously spawn from random enemy corpses. Every few seconds a group of corpses will turn into I.D.P.D. Freaks if at least one enemy is left alive on the level.

The I.D.P.D. Freaks shoot 15 blue bullets in a wide, random spread. They will also throw 3 I.D.P.D. grenades at once, creating a huge explosion.

I.D.P.D. Freaks will drop radiation on death, unlike any other I.D.P.D. unit in the game.

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