This page contains the characters/mutants that the player can choose in Nuclear Throne. Each character is listed with a bit of their backstory, passive and active abilities and B-Skins. Click on a character's icon or name in the table below for more info.

The portals are said to aid people on their journey to the Nuclear Throne, but no-one has ever returned from them. All the mutants truly believe the wormholes will take them there, but which hero will make it to the Nuclear Throne?

Characters tableEdit

Character Description
Fish icon1


  • Fish can roll.
  • Fish gets more ammo from weapons and ammo pickups. He also starts with more ammo.
  • Throne Butt allows him to continue rolling as long as the active button is held and also allows him to move in different directions while rolling.
  • Unlocked from the start.
Crystal icon1


  • Crystal can shield herself, reflecting certain ranged attacks.
  • Crystal has 10 max HP from the start.
  • Throne Butt shortens the shielding time and allows Crystal to teleport at the cursor's location after her shield disappears.
  • Unlocked from the start.
Eyes icon1


Melting icon1


  • Melting can make enemy corpses and destroyed objects explode. He is immune to the corpse explosions. These explosions can block/destroy incoming bullets. Corpses of larger enemies and larger destroyed objects cause his special to emit three explosions instead of one.
  • Melting starts with only 2 HP but gains more XP.
  • Throne Butt causes his special to emit three explosions per body/object instead of one. The body/object size doesn't matter.
  • Unlocked by dying for the first time.
Plant icon1


  • Plant can shoot snares that prevent enemies from moving.
  • Plant moves faster.
  • Throne Butt makes its vines kill anything under 33% health.
  • Unlocked by reaching the Scrapyard.
Yv icon1

Y.V. (Yung Venuz)

  • Y.V. can fire a weapon twice with one button press, but with double the reload time.
  • Y.V. has an increased rate of fire, that also affects his special ability.
  • Throne Butt allows him to shoot four projectiles at the same time but with triple reload time.
  • Starts with a Golden Revolver.

Steroids icon1


  • Steroids can wield two weapons at the same time, but he has lower accuracy.
  • Steroids starts with two revolvers.
  • Steroids weapons are always fully automatic.
  • Throne Butt causes him to regenerate ammo for one weapon by firing the other. This is more likely to occur when both weapons are being fired at once.
  • When unlocking a golden weapon for Steroids he will have the golden weapon and one normal revolver equipped instead of two revolvers
  • Unlocked by reaching the Labs.
Robot icon1


Chicken icon2


  • Chicken can throw her primary weapon which deals more damage as she levels up.
  • When Chicken dies, she loses 2 max HP and she can walk around headless for 5 seconds. Regaining HP will make her head grow back but max health remains lowered.
  • With Throne Butt, thrown weapons can pierce through targets.
  • Starts with the Chicken Sword.

  • Unlocked by reaching the Jungle.
Rebel icon1


  • Rebel can sacrifice health to summon allies that shoot enemies. Cost starts at 1HP, and increases to 2HP if at least one ally is currently alive. Allies will lose health over time. Spawning another ally heals any pre-existing allies. Allies can drop ammo, health, and some rads when they die.
  • Rebel heals halfway to full health when she goes through a portal.
  • Throne Butt improves her bandit allies' rate of fire.

Horror icon1


  • Horror shoots a beam that uses up radiation. The rads can be picked back up if you destroy a prop, or kill an enemy with it. The beam becomes bigger the longer you hold down RMB. The beam can also destroy enemy projectiles.
  • Gets an additional Mutation choice when leveling up.
  • Horror will also choose from three Ultra Mutations instead of the standard two.
  • Horror's radiation beam gets wider twice as fast with Throne Butt. Using the beam for extended periods of time now heals Horror (1 HP for every 1.5 seconds).

  • To unlock Horror you have to skip a Radiation Canister and on the next area skip a Big Radiation Canister. Horror will spawn as a mindless enemy breaking out of a canister in the level after skipping the Big Radiation Canister. Defeating the Hostile Horror in battle unlocks it as a playable character.
Rogue icon2


  • Rogue can use the Portal Strike, a weapon stolen from the I.D.P.D.. It creates a line of explosions when the player clicks, drags, and then releases RMB.
  • Radiation Canisters become Portal Strike ammunition, which looks like a blue canister.
  • Wanted by the I.D.P.D.; they will constantly spawn and attack throughout the course of the game.
  • Causes an explosion which damages enemies and destroys projectiles when she takes damage.
  • Throne Butt strengthens the Portal Strike explosion.
  • Starts with the Rogue Rifle.

Hidden Characters

Character Description
Skelly Icon


  • Skeleton can fire weapons for free with a chance to take damage instead.
  • Has only 4 health, moves slower, and is less accurate than other characters.
  • Throne Butt lowers the chance of taking damage with its special ability.
  • Cannot be played from the start.

  • If Melting dies while inside a Necromancer's resurrection circle, he will be revived as the Skeleton.
Frog Icon


  • Frog will create a bunch of toxic clouds based on how long the special ability button was held for.
  • Has to move constantly. Stops moving only when the special ability button is held.
  • Immune to toxins and will take no damage from toxic clouds.
  • Throne Butt causes toxic gas to spread further and faster.
  • Starts with the Golden Frog Pistol.

  • If you damage the Mom boss at least once with a Golden Weapon and keep that weapon until she is killed, she will drop the Frog Pistol. Storing the Frog Pistol in a Proto Chest and finding it with a different character will turn the weapon into a Golden Frog Pistol. It will become that character's starting weapon if you take it through a portal. Playing the game with a character that has the Golden Frog Pistol set as its starting weapon, will replace that character with the Frog.

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